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3 weeks ago · 1 minute read · Game

[0.59.3] - The exterminator missed a spot

Download Here! Whoops we missed some in the last update, here is another pass at getting rid of atleast the biggest bugs. Overworld Poison was the biggest one and that should now be working correctly for...


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1 month ago · 1 minute read · Game

0.59.2 - The exterminator is here!

Download Here! We have so many bug fixes for you it is hard to list them all, from ones many people reported like Juggler Irwin on Route 35 causing a crash and the "ceruleandiglett" missing script; to batt...


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3 months ago · 1 minute read · Website

What's new on the website? Update 4.3.0

Since the update for the website about two weeks ago I have added a few good features to the website. With this update we could add even cooler feature for the future of the website and the game. Game Saves I have finallized the sync of the game save so it will now, upon login, sync the game...


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4 months ago · 1 minute read · Website

What's new on the website? Update 4.2.8

Since the major release of version 4.2, I have been diligently working to implement various features and improvements to the website. This has included numerous minor additions, bug fixes, and security patches. With the release of version 4.3, I am pleased to announce the inclusion of several minor...


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9 months ago · 2 minute read · Game

0.59.1 - A new update celebrating 10 years of Pokémon 3D!

Download Here! This coming Sunday, August 21st, will be the 10th Aniversary of the original v0.01 release created by Nilllzz! This game and this community has come a long way in the 10 years since that ori...


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