What's new on the website? Update 4.3.0

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Since the update for the website about two weeks ago I have added a few good features to the website. With this update we could add even cooler feature for the future of the website and the game.

Game Saves

I have finallized the sync of the game save so it will now, upon login, sync the game save in the background. It will now allow the login to be 3x times faster than the last release of the website.


The design of the profile has been updated and improved from the old one. Your game save is now shown on the website too, if you have associated your Game Jolt account to your P3D account.

With the new profile you will be able to see this on your profile:

  • Party
  • Pokedex
  • Statistics
  • Details

Minor changes

  • I reordered the navigation menu for when you are logged in, so that the pages you use the most is to the left and less used pages is on the right.
  • There where a few broken links on the website so I added these pages. These are not that important for you as the user of the website, but I have added a contact and legal page.
  • Only show the verified users on the members page, same goes for the search

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