0.60 - Battle Frontier & Voltorb Flip

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Welcome Back!!!

We're back with another long anticipated version!!! And we have several new activities for you to partake in!

The first is the revamped Battle Frontier. Located in a new location on the map, make sure to visit Professor Elm for your tickets after you beat Red! Currently it still only has the Battle Tower and the Battle Factory but both have been fixed up and finalized for a better experience! The biggest impact is in endless mode, which now truly has no end! Both facilities have modified the amount of BP given for completing them and there are now MANY shops for you to buy stuff from!

The next activity is Voltorb Flip! Located in Celadon City in the former Game Corner's Prize shop, this game will test your luck AND skill! Use the coins you win at game to exchange for items and Pokémon that may be hard to find anywhere else!

Phone Calls have been reworked too! Between better battles and rewards from those calling you, and the ability to ignore any call you want, you now have no reason not to accept EVERY phone number offered to you!

The Pokédex and the Mail system got MAJOR overhauls too! Alot of background stuff was changed to make them operate smoother and the Mail System also got fixed up on the front end too!

There is even more cool stuff too Some more brief highlights are: Kleavor and Ursaluna can now be obtained "Additional Forms" are now no longer hard coded and can be edited in GameModes Several other features for GameMode Makers including over a dozen new script commands/constructs Extra Mouse functionality in the PSS A new trainer in Kolben Tower Several new Moves and new move animations MANY bug fixes!

You can find the full, detailed changelog here!

Hope you guys enjoy this update!


//The Pokémon3D Team

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