What's new on the website? Update 4.5.0

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There has not been any new functionality to the website since the last release, but some noticeable changes has been done to the UI and design of the website as well as squashing some bugs.


  • Updated the design of articles on the home page
  • Updated the UI for the blog page and the blog post page, including the comment section
  • Some minor UI changes to the menu
  • Reworked the header for each page
  • Made sure that we use the same shadow size everywhere


  • Fixed issue with opening notifications causing an error
  • Fixed the forum user count sometimes failing
  • Fixed server edit form not working properly, thanks for the report DeadEyes!
  • Fixed load of gamesave when empty on user profile


  • Removed the possibility to toggle dark mode theme, it is now based upon your system preferences

Minor changes

  • Refactored the like button
  • Bumped a bunch of packages for both frontend and backend to make sure we are up-to-date

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