What's new on the website? Update 4.2.8

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Since the major release of version 4.2, I have been diligently working to implement various features and improvements to the website. This has included numerous minor additions, bug fixes, and security patches. With the release of version 4.3, I am pleased to announce the inclusion of several minor yet major features to the website. These new features are intended to provide enhanced functionality and prepare the site for further developments in future releases.

In preparation for the next major release, the following new features have been added in this current release:

Members List

With this release, you now have the ability to view a comprehensive yet user-friendly list of all members of the website. This allows for easy navigation between multiple pages of members. Additionally, please note that the search functionality that was introduced in version 4.1.0, accessed by using CMD+K or Ctrl+K, remains available for your convenience, even in the navigation menu.

Added languages

We have had a contribution from Kamikaze496 that has translated our website into Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR), thanks for your contribution! 🥳

Updated design

There has been some minor redesigns across the website, but I have done one major redesign and that is for the user profile, go ahead and take a look!

Sync of In-Game Trophies

In preperation of the release of 4.3 I have added the syncronisation of your in-game trophies to the website. You and your friends can now see them on your profile. Look out for more details here in the future! 😉

Note: This data is synced upon login, so sometimes login might be slower than usual.


  • Improved name formatting for resource updated: Previously we had randomly generated strings as names for files, this was bad practice and not really user friendly. For all future uploads these will have a proper filename to make it easier for you guys to see what you actually downloaded.

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