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TL;DR: If you don’t want to read any of this, here’s the important information: Once the next version of Pokémon3D is out, be sure to MANUALLY download the latest launcher program by looking for anything above version here: Pokémon3D Downloads.

Hello there,

the Pokémon3D launcher program is getting a major update and I will add the following two functions:

  • Automatic launcher updating: Just like the game, the launcher will now as well grab eventual updates from the server and download and apply them by itself.
  • A new “Force Graphics Mode” and “Map View Mode” in the settings: The first one will let you skip XNA’s graphics card check if it doesn’t register your graphics card as a valid one. And the other option will let you preview any map in the game in free-fly mode.

The way the launcher communicates with the game itself has been updated as well, this means that you need to have the new launcher AND the new game in order to play the next version of the game. The new launcher will be able to launch older versions of the game though by checking their version number.

The good thing is that the new way of communicating is built with future changes in mind, so no need to change it again.

And as you might have guessed, the update will be made available with the next release of Pokémon3D.

Here are pictures to look at:


- nilllzz

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