Version 0.53

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After months of wait, we got a new version of **Pokémon3D: version 0.53.**

This one has a lot of new features, bug fixes and changes. There’s a list that contains them all, just keep reading.

If you want to play the game, download it here!

If you now want to know what has changed, here’s the list:



  • Added missing textures for some Pokémon
  • Applied some magic to third person particle effects
  • Rewamped the overworld camera system. It now supports turning in one direction without walking. Also the transition between third and first person has been redone.
  • Added cries of wild Pokémon from the map to appear in the background when walking around.
  • Added new battle weather effect: Snow, which boosts Ice type moves.
  • Added Shiny Charm and Oval Charm items.
  • The camera now centers its horizontal orientation when a dialogue comes up.
  • Added click sound for dialogues
  • Added bump sound when running into things in third person
  • Added Route 9 and Route 10 battles maps
  • Added battle weather icon for foggy weather
  • Added PC to the Kanto daycare
  • Added backdrops to Chrono Island
  • Rewamped the PM system and chat screen: a user can send PMs to different users by typing /pm <name>. These conversations will open in new tabs. Players don’t need to type /pm in front of the messages when they are in a PM chat, the typed message will be sent to the current chat always.
  • Added a “new message” indicator outside of the chat screen.
  • Added Tab-Completion for names for all server-commands (/kick <name>, /pm <name>, /list <add|remove|toggle> <whitelist|blacklist|operators|mutelist> <playername>)
  • Added Dig and Teleport field moves.
  • Added player statistics for amount of times “Cut” has been used.
  • Added Keyboard and Controller controls to the GameJolt login screen.
  • Added the possibility to load more levels of Offset maps at once. This has to be enabled in the options.dat file (set MaxOffsetLevels higher).
  • Added camera focusing
  • Added Faraway Island
  • Added Volcanion
  • Added Cinnabar Island
  • Added Viridian Gym
  • Added Seafoam Islands
  • Added dock map for Chrono and Fortune Island.
  • Added access to Pallet Town and added its buildings.
  • Added Routes 19 through 21.
  • Added Mewtwo battle to Cerulean Cave
  • Added Zapdos to the Power Plant
  • Added Frustration and Return TMs to Goldenrod.
  • Added room behind the waterfall in Tohjo Falls.
  • Added @text.color, @screen.setfade, <camera.yaw> and <camera.pitch> extensions
  • Added snow textures to Ice Path and Ice Fall Cave entrances.
  • Added extra data validation for the GameJolt saving process.
  • Added ThunderStorm weather (WeatherID = 6, EnvironmentWeatherID = 10)
  • Added own UrlEncode implementation, removing the System.Web assemlby reference, allowing the game to be run on the .Net 4.0 Client profile again.
  • Added the ability for GameMode makers to include an additional parameter at a Pokédex definition, “1” or “0”, if that Pokédex should include all national Pokémon the player has seen/caught.
  • Added National Pokédex
  • Added a speedboat animation when traveling between islands.
  • Added shiny menu sprites for all Pokémon
  • Added effect to Leppa Berries
  • Added battle maps for Chrono and Boon Island
  • Added value dump to log output
  • Added four new emblems: Volcano, Earth, Shooting Star and Genetics


  • Updated the script library to the current version.
  • Made player list sort after player name
  • Made Pokémon name color golden if shiny in the Battle Menu
  • Update the position and rotation of other players on the server while being in the chat interface
  • The player doesn’t black out after losing to a Kolben staff member in the Kolben Tower and after battles in the Trainer house.
  • The player’s party gets healed after a fight with a Kolben staff member in the Kolben Tower and after battles in the Trainer house.
  • Instead of “Hailstorm”, the battle weather is “Snow” by default if it snows in the overworld.
  • Changed Kanto default battle map
  • At the end of a won battle, the own Pokémon doesn’t take poison/burn etc. damage anymore.
  • The camera now turns correctly after entering a warp that turns the player.
  • The player list in the Join server screen now clamps into the screen.
  • Made drawn gradients render faster
  • Made the chat scroll system useable for humans.
  • The Debug console is now showing on the top left of the screen, has a smaller text font and scales with the window size / length of the messages.
  • Updated the Fly and Escape Rope animations
  • Removed the player’s walk cycle animation while sliding on Ice.
  • Made the camera focus on trainers spotting the player
  • Disabled camera perspective change while a script is running.
  • Optimized Route 17, 22.
  • Improved script execution speed
  • Updated Route 25 with some trees.
  • Added cries for some Overworld Pokémon.
  • Added “Extreme Speed” move to Rapidash.
  • Changed item spots for the Dungeon
  • Changed TM stores to have different TMs.
  • Added sounds to the grunt in the Cerulean Gym.
  • Added smooth transition to the Pokedex entry screen from the battle.
  • Removed white battle intros during dark levels.
  • Changed Diglett’s Cave design
  • Spots on the map the player can not fly to are grayed out now.
  • Changed keyboard input methods to native user32.dll utilization.
  • Applied a few changes to the Cerulean Cave to reduce the challenge a bit.
  • Electivire can now learn Dig.
  • Changed the Battle map in Ice Fall Cave.
  • HMs now appear at the top of the list when searched after value
  • Removed seasons affecting the plants in the Celadon gym
  • Changed the Johto-Pokédex to not include national Pokémon anymore.
  • The Goldenrod Underground now saves the position of the doors.
  • Changed the Behaviour of the Elite 4 guards
  • Made Barriers float deeper in water
  • Replaced “Bill’s PC” with “Someone’s PC” when the player has yet to meet Bill in Ecruteak City.
  • Changed boat model to have a door on the correct side


  • Fixed Machamps wrong devolution
  • Fixed even more bugs with the new trade screen
  • Fixed player list appearing behind buttons in the Join Server screen
  • Fixed wrong text for the Ability Capsule item
  • Fixed Rhyperior’s Pokédex entry
  • Fixed Poliwags evolution condition
  • Fixed trainer names in the win scene of the Bug Contest
  • Fixed trainer names in the contacts of the Pokégear
  • Fixed a large amount of typos in the Battle Frontier trainer dialogues
  • Fixed unlimited explosion TMs
  • Fixed camera glitch where the player could walk through the bookshelfes in Prof. Elms lab.
  • Fixed weather in Safari Zone.
  • Fixed wrong third person camera setting in rival cutscene
  • Fixed water warp heights
  • Fixed unlimited Lucky Punches
  • Fixed Beat Up move
  • Fixed dispositioned Genesect sprite
  • Fixed battle weather taking the weather from the wrong maps
  • Fixed transparent player when walking down stairs.
  • Fixed caps “RIDE” after using Ride.
  • Fixed messed up priorities for events after taking a step.
  • Fixed mouse visibility problem when logging in to GameJolt.
  • Fixed Archeops’ sprite
  • Fixed Air Slash being a Physical move.
  • Fixed too short battle map for Ice Path
  • Fixed not being able to click a move in the battle menu when its PP is 0.
  • Fixed text overflow for Abra in the Pokémon league and signs in Celadon City.
  • Fixed genders of certain trainers in Battle Frontier.
  • Fixed Miltanks on Route 39 not having cries.
  • Fixed Metapod’s hidden ability.
  • Fixed a script state getting stuck when walking down a stairs right after walking above a script trigger.
  • Fixed Battle Tower messages when starting with too few Pokémon.
  • Fixed Noctowl devolution
  • Fixed overflowing text of trainer on Route 8
  • Fixed Ladder blocks in Diglett’s Cave.
  • Fixed missing screen fade for Sailor on Memorial Pillar.
  • Fixed inaccurate gender calculation.
  • Fixed PP items getting used up even though the PP are full.
  • Fixed Pokedex Entires in Battle Factory
  • Fixed Porygon register in Kolben Tower
  • Fixed Wing items exceeding the 510 EV per Pokémon limit.
  • Fixed Ecruteak’s mart using the wrong script.
  • Fixed Saffron city gym warp script performance.
  • Fixed Y button on the XBox 360 controller not sorting Inventory
  • Fixed wrong music playing in the gates that connect to Fuchsia city
  • Fixed network requests blocking the main GUI thread.
  • Fixed math conversion issues.
  • Fixed not getting a Premier Ball when buying more than 10 Poké Balls at once.
  • Fixed wrong/missing Apricorn trees
  • Fixed line wraps in text from SS Aqua NPCs
  • Fixed line wraps in text from Eusine in Vermilion City
  • Fixed wrong sprite for a trainer on the SS Aqua
  • Fixed Pressure allowing moves to get to -1 PP
  • Fixed crash in Cerulean Dept store
  • Fixed a “?” char showing up when renaming genderless Pokémon.
  • Fixed Gallades Shiny sprite
  • Fixed Floor sign in 5F of the Radio Tower showing incorrect texture from the side
  • Fixed rebattle of some members in Kolben Tower not activating
  • Fixed line wrap for one Safari Explanation dialogue
  • Fixed closing the PC menu with the back button opening the game menu directly after
  • Fixed EXP bar showing up in PVP and Battle Tower and lagging the game.
  • Fixed certain battle messages disconnecting players from PVP battles.
  • Fixed a crash in PVP when transfering messages from client to host.

And if anyone is interested, we also updated the server to protocol version 0.5, which has these optimizations:

  • Fixed stream collision
  • Added player status to player list
  • Adjusted PM handling to comply with the new client side PM system.
  • Added player listing via GameJolt IDGameJolt players can no longer change their name to bypass any listings.
  • It only displays the last 1000 lines in the log to prevent overflow.
  • Added /clear command which clears the output.
  • The cursor now jumps to the start of the last line, not to the end, so the textbox doesn’t scroll to the right.

The update will be live in a few minutes and by default, your launcher will notify you that it is out.

Have fun!

- nilllzz

//The Pokémon3D Team

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