Version 0.53.1

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I know this is not the update you were hoping for, but rather a small, quick bugfix update to fix some of the bugs in 0.53.

Here is the list of things that we changed:

  • Implemented new math parser using double precision floating point rounding
  • Changed move names like “DragonBreath” to “Dragon Breath”
  • Fixed boat sizes
  • Fixed typo in restplaces.dat
  • Fixed train animation when going to saffron
  • Fixed Ho-Oh position
  • Fixed Genetics emblem
  • Fixed crash during GameJolt loading due to race conditions
  • Fixed ghost repel
  • Fixed some broken security functions
  • Fixed typo on sign in Celadon City
  • Fixed typo in channels.dat
  • Fixed Pokédex typos for entries 138, 36, 389, 467 and 548
  • Fixed surf-on-rocks in Cherrygrove City and Route 32
  • Fixed typo for NPC speech in Cerulean City
  • Fixed typo in sailor speech on Boon island
  • Fixed not having default images for certain Pokémon
  • Fixed walk-through table in Radio Tower 2F
  • Fixed incorrect bonus drink in vending machines
  • Fixed Rotom room machines
  • Fixed “Myterious” to “Mysterious” in channel.dat
  • Fixed crash with Electrike’s Pokédex entry
  • Fixed typo in trainer message in Lake of Rage
  • Fixed Beat Up used by wild Pokémon
  • Fixed Conversion2 using flawed algorithm
  • Fixed Endeavor healing Pokémon.
  • Fixed camera zoom during speed boat cutscene
  • Fixed being stuck in the Vermilion gym
  • Fixed NPC disposition in Vermilion City when using the speed boat
  • Fixed Assist move
  • Fixed Pokémon not showing up in the Pokédex after receiving them in a trade
  • Fixed camera perspective in a few scripts
  • Fixed spelling of the daycare scripts in the @help command.
  • Fixed typo in the Four Island daycare call

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