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Edit: Pokémon3D version 0.51.1 released. Changelog:

  • Fixed Hidden Abilities crashing the game
  • Fixed Dry Skin ability
  • Fixed fences being in the wrong position
  • Fixed Mail sprites

Pokémon3D Version 0.51 is out and will continue the fun! That said, the Pokémon3D Server application will receive and update as well which resolves several performance problems.

Bu let’s start from the beginning:

We are posting the Pokémon3D updates and more regarding Kolben on this blog now, so be sure to follow it to be notified about future content.

And now, here’s the game’s changelog:

Story additions:

  • Two and Three Island

Smaller Additions:

  • Added PP support to custom moves
  • Added headbutt trees to Azalea Town
  • Added more Pokémon reactions for new maps
  • Updated movesets for the first 60 Pokémon
  • Hidden Abilities


  • Fixed maptag injection
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed particle performance problems
  • Fixed Wrap (and similar moves) trapping the own Pokémon
  • Fixed some properties of trainers
  • Fixed rods/Pokémon sounds not searching for files in GameModes
  • Fixed Gatekeeper’s reaction on certain weather types
  • Fixed GameModeAttackLoader
  • Fixed the pathsplit construct

That’s the game, but we also worked more on the server software and did this:

  • Fixed multiple stability and performance problems
  • Added API support (start the server with a command line argument “apioutput”)
  • Fixed DoDaytimeCycle not working

The game’s update will be distributed through the launcher, and you can download the Server software on this page: Downloads

Both, the update to the game and the server software will be available shortly.

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