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So a month ago we took a survey of you guys and found some interesting stuff and I feel I should comment on what we found so here we go!

You can follow along here:

About what version did you start playing?

This answer was decently spread out but there were peaks for the people who found us early and those who found us in 0.48. So it seems we are still getting new people each update which is great!

How did you learn of Pokémon 3D

Alot of you guys said you came after seeing stuff on Youtube so I am gonna try and do some stuff to recognize those youtubers who make good videos of Pokemon3D stuff! Expect some of that soon ;)

How often do you play the game?

It seems that most of you guys play in concentrations around each update which makes sense to me :P. To those people who play “All the time, I do nothing else!”: I like your dedication!

How long do you play per session?

Most of you seem to play for more than an hour at a time which seems good to me. To the 50 or so respondents who play more than 4 hours at a time: I guess most of you fit the “All the time, I do nothing else!” category above right? ;)

How far are you in the game?

Almost 50% of you guys haven’t gotten to far which surprises me a bit. If so many of you are playing so many sessions for so many hours why are so many of you not further into the game?

Do you have an Online Gamejolt Save?

I am glad to know that the vast majority of you guys knows about Gamejolt Saves and use them. We have made a lot of Gamejolt only features and we don’t want people to lose out too much.

Which of the following types of player interactions have you done?

Someone pointed out that I didn’t make a “haven’t done any” option so I will assume that this data is a little skewed…..Overall more traders than battlers but with the state of PvP and the battle system currently I am not exactly surprised……

How often do you trade with other players?

Almost 50% of you guys haven’t traded. Is this because you don’t want to? You don’t know how? You don’t have an online save? Let us know if something about the trading system is confusing so we can look into it. Otherwise get trading ;)

How often do you battle with other players?

I honestly expected these results and you can see why two questions up so……

How often do you use a co-op server?

A full 40% of you guys don’t use the servers. Is this because of the instability? or is it your own connection? We are working on the servers so hopefully we will be able to support more of you at a time ;)

How do you find out about new versions.

Most of you guys seem to check the launcher regularly for updates which is good to know. How many of you guys then visit the website or check other social media places? Also FB beats out twitter even though that is the one we forget about the most…..(we don’t like FB much :P)

How often do you visit the forums?

The majority of you guys don’t seem to be active in our community which, while not surprising, is almost disappointing. We have a great community on the forums so feel free to join our fun any time!

Do you use the wiki?

Hrm…..Maybe I should work on updating it…….

Have you tried making a Content Pack or GameMode?

Completely expected this so no worries there. I hope to see what the 6 of you are working on soon ;) Those of you who got confused should let me know what was confusing so we can try and make it a bit easier. I might make a tutorial of how to set it up sometime too so that might help ;)

What types of Content Packs have you tried?

Check these out!

So many of you are missing out on some cool music and texture packs. OFC if none of them interest you then thats fine :P

Have you tried any GameModes?

A number of these are WIP so don’t expect too much but some of them are pretty good!

Is there any type of additional content you would like to request from the community?

I will sort these out abit and post them later for people to see. Hopefully some people might feel inspired to see it happen!

Do you know what Kolben Games is?

I was almost scared that the results would be the other way around… For those who don’t know: Kolben Games is the group the Nilllzz and myself are part of. A few other game developers are part of it too! Here is the website:

Besides Nilllzz do you know of the other developers?

Seems I need to do more stuff for people to notice(like this maybe?). In brief: Myself and nilllzz are the only full developers currently though both Prince Vade and Draco Houston have helped in the past. Daniel RTRD hosts our servers and is in charge of the forums which we have some additional staff to help us run. Also we get assistance with art assets and data mining from members of the forums community. Specific shoutouts to Jianmingyong, Anvil5555, APC, Godeken, Shou Liengod, Leeloozete, and all of the forum staff!

What Pokémon games did you first play?

Lots of Genwunners. This fits though as most of the people who play are older. Those 15 people who started with Pokemon3D: What led you to us? Have you since played the original games?

Which is your favorite game?

Lots of love for Generations 2 and 3 so many of you will be happy when Hoenn comes!

What is your favorite Pokémon?

Some of these answers got more descriptive than they needed to be but they are all there for you to see. Who won you ask? Charizard! Also lots of love for fire-types in general.

Here is a spreadsheet that is abit more detailed: (there may have been mistakes so…)

What gender do you identify as?

Not surprised by these results but not entirely happy with them either… Ah well not much we can do about that…. Also I got a number of people thanking me in the open response section for being “open-minded” about gender identity. Honestly I just sorta did it like that without thinking. I think that is a good sign that is was so automatic for me to do that…..

How old are you?

This was expected too. Most of you are the same age as myself and Nilllzz which makes sense. I kinda messed it up with the overlapping ranges but that shouldn’t matter too much. The respondents that were over 30 surprised me not because they played the game but because they did the survey :P. If the 50+ people could tell me what brought them to this that would be cool. Do you normally do this kind of thing? Was it your kids/grandkids? This portion of our players intrigues me :P

Where do you live?

I had at least one Canadian complain about being grouped with the U.S. so if that offends anyone sorry :P It was by far the most chosen option which surprised me a little. I was expecting a more even balance between the U.S. and Western Europe. Also let me know if I left out the region you are from. In my mind all of the world is represented in that list but it might not be so for others. I am assuming that all of the people that chose space were either joking of using it as “Earth is in space thus I am in space” but if someone on the ISS or something is playing this game I would freak(in a good way :P)

What has your experience been like so far?

So apparently 134 people are lying to us……..

Seriously though it is good to know that most people haven’t had that many issues or understand that the game is a WIP.

What feature(s) would you like us to improve first?

We probably wouldn’t have changed anything even if the results were different but these match our priorities so….

Free Response

This will get its own posts later.

Maybe 10-20 at a time? We’ll see :P

Also I misspelled response……..

I know I mentioned making this into a video response but I probably won’t so :P

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us it was great to hear from you all!

Look forward to the rest of the story in Kanto it should be completed within the next 10 or so updates!


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