Version 0.52.1

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This is a little follow-up update to Pokémon3D version 0.52. We are mostly fixing bugs and problems from the earlier versions from both the game itself and the server.

To view the full changes for version 0.52, click here.

And here’s the list of changes for the 0.52.1 version:


  • Added Backdrops for Berry Vista
  • Added Confirmation dialogue for Shop screen
  • Added player list preview to the join server screen when hovering the mouse over the player counter
  • The hall of fame list can be reverse by pressing Y on the GamePad or Q on the keyboard


  • Made the transitions in the battle menu go by faster
  • Improved loading times for the Storage system and Hall of fame screen


  • Fixed some entities not working when invisible
  • Fixed bugs with the new trading interface
  • Fixed wrong amount of Max PP showing in the new battle interface
  • Fixed overflowing heal dialogue with long trainer names
  • Fixed trainer battles crashing on Kindle Road
  • Fixed custom sprites not downloading
  • Fixed wrong characters appearing in Radio Transmission messages
  • Fixed bug with Pokémon #319 not loading properly
  • Fixed Mime Jr. Sprite not appearing
  • Fixed Vanillite’s sprite being off center.
  • Fixed NPCs in Kolben Tower not displaying their names
  • Fixed no radio channels on Sevii islands
  • Fixed signs on Kindle Road
  • Fixed typo in Rocket transmission channel
  • Fixed some more server bugs
  • Fixed model shading bug
  • Fixed Charizardite X having a wrong texture
  • Fixed more random typos

To play online, you need to update your client and server applications, since we updated the protocol version.

- nilllzz

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