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Saffron City is a sprawling metropolis in the [[Kanto]] region. It lies in between [[Celadon City]] (via [[Route 7]]), Vermilion City(via [[Route 6]]), Lavender Town(via [[Route 8]]), and Cerulean City(via [[Route 5]]). It contains the [[Saffron Gym]], home of [[Psychic]] trainer, Sabrina, and the the Marsh Badge.
Saffron City is a sprawling metropolis in the [[Kanto]] region. It lies in between [[Celadon City]] (via [[Route 7]]), Vermilion City (via [[Route 6]]), Lavender Town (via [[Route 8]]), and Cerulean City (via [[Route 5]]). It contains the [[Saffron Gym]], home of [[Psychic]] trainer, Sabrina, and the the Marsh Badge.
==Places of interest==
==Places of interest==

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Saffron City is a sprawling metropolis in the Kanto region. It lies in between Celadon City (via Route 7), Vermilion City (via Route 6), Lavender Town (via Route 8), and Cerulean City (via Route 5). It contains the Saffron Gym, home of Psychic trainer, Sabrina, and the the Marsh Badge.

Places of interest

Silph Co.'s headquarters

Due to the actions of Team Rocket three years prior to the story, Silph Co. has increased security, and the player is not allowed to enter the upper floors. One of the guards, however, will kindly give the player an Up-Grade for talking to him, which will allow a Porygon to evolve, through a trade, into Porygon2. The alternate forms of Rotom may also be accessed here by attempting to use the broken elevator while a Rotom leads the party.

Fighting Dojo

The Dojo is closed in because the Karate Master is training in Johto's Mt. Mortar.

Magnet Train station

Located near the Route 5 gate, the Magnet Train is a high speed connection from Saffron City to Goldenrod City. It also goes to the Ancient Ruins.

Mr. Psychic's house

Mr. Psychic lives in a small house that is located on the southeastern side of the city, being better accessible by entering Saffron City from the southern entrance. He sits at a table in the middle of the room. When talked to for the first time in every game he is featured on, he will claim to know that the player really wants to receive a gift from him, giving away TM29 (Psychic) to the player.

Copycat's house

The home of a girl with a talent for mimicking other people. When first met, Copycat's Clefairy doll has recently gone missing, being found by a member of the Pokémon Fan Club in Vermilion City. When the player returns her lost doll, Copycat will reward them with a ticket to ride the Magnet Train that travels betweenKanto and Johto.

Saffron Gym

The Saffron Gym is the official Gym of Saffron City. It is based on Psychic-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Sabrina. Trainers who defeat her receive the Marsh Badge. The Saffron Gym is a maze of warp tiles and nine rooms, seven of which contain Trainers, while the other two are Sabrina's room and the entrance.


Since there are no valid buildings to enter, Saffron City has no known population.


There are no items.


There are no Pokémon in this area.


Version History

Version Changes
0.28.3 Implemented work-in-progress map.
0.43 Offset map from Route 6.
0.44 Offset map from Route 5.
0.49 Implemented
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