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Silver is a young boy with red hair who, at the start of the story is a delinquent who steals his first pokemon from Prof Elm's Lab.


**Beware Spoilers**

New Bark Town

At the beginning of the story Silver is standing outside Prof. Elm's Lab looking in the "window".

If you approach him he will push you away.

Cherrygrove City

On you way back from visiting Mr. Pokemon and retrieving the Mystery Egg Silver will run up to you as you try to leave Cherrygrove City towards Route 29 and challenge you to a battle. After you defeat him he will run off but not before dropping his trainer ID and you see his name.

Upon returning to New Bark Town you find that he had stolen the pokemon he had used against you.

In the first battle he only has Sneasel.

215 PBall PBall PBall PBall PBall
Sneasel - - - - -
LVL 7 - - - - -

Violet City

You next see Silver after he has beaten Elder Li at the top of Sprout Tower. Elder Li tries to reprimand him for how he treats his Pokemon but he storms off, but not before telling you that he thinks that anyone who cares for Pokemon is weak.

Azalea Town

After defeating Team Rocket Executive Proton in Slowpoke Well Silver will come up to you as you attempt to enter Ilex Forest. He aska you about the rumors circulating about Team Rocket and after you tell him that you beat them he challenges you to a battle. When you defeat him he rants about weak pokemon again and rants against Team Rocket before storming off.

Since the first battle he has caught a Gastly and a Zubat and evolved Zubat into Golbat.

092 042 215 PBall PBall PBall
Gastly Golbat Sneasel - - -
LVL 21 LVL 22 LVL 25 - - -

Goldenrod City

Outside the Radio Tower

As you enter Goldenrod City you notice a large commotion near the Radio Tower. You go over to find Silver arguing with 2 Team Rocket Grunts. Silver begins to attack them before he is stopped by Policeman Keith.

In the Under Ground

After the events outside the Radio Tower Silver will challenge you after you enter the Under Ground. He is still mad about the Team Rocket Grunts and when he looses he goes off to train more.

Since you last battled he has evolved Gastly and caught a Heracross.

093 042 214 215 PBall PBall
Haunter Golbat Heracross Sneasel - -
LVL 30 LVL 29 LVL 32 LVL 35 - -

Burned Tower

While inside the tower you will run into Silver at the center of the first floor. He will complain about not being able to find any legendary Pokemon. He will then Challenge you to a battle.

He has not changed any of his Pokemon besides leveling them up.

Ater he loses he will declare he is going to replace some of his Pokemon because they are too weak. At that point you fall into a hole and discover Suicune, Entei, and Raikou

093 042 214 215 PBall PBall
Haunter Golbat Heracross Sneasel - -
LVL 36 LVL 36 LVL 35 LVL 38 - -

Olivine City

As you arrive at Olivine City Silver will run into as he is leaving the Gym. He will tell you that Jasmine is not there and explain that she is at the Shining Lighthouse. He will then tell you about a rare Pokemon that can be found in Cianwood City and challenges you to a race to get it before leaving.

Cianwood City

If you visit one of the houses in Cianwood City you will walk in on Silver stealing a man's Pokemon. He will come up and talk to you and when you question his actions he will battle you.

When you win, Silver will declare that the Pokemon is very weak and thus suits a trainer "like you" before leaving. If you go talk to the man he will officially give you his Shuckle for safe keeping.

Since you battled in the Burned Tower he has replaced Heracross with Gallade and Evolved Haunter into Gengar and then leveled all of his Pokemon.

475 094 042 215 PBall PBall
Gallade Gengar Golbat Sneasel - -
LVL 40 LVL 42 LVL 42 LVL 45 - -

Lake of Rage

When you arrive at the Lake of Rage to will see Silver on a Poliwag out on the lake facing the Red Gyarados.

Since you last battled he has replaced his Gengar with Pupitar, increased the rest of his team by ~10 levels each and added the recently caught Red Gyarados, which has the low HP to match.

475 247 042 215 130S PBall
Gallade Pupitar Golbat Sneasel Red Gyarados -
LVL 51 LVL 50 LVL 52 LVL 53 LVL 45 -