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Number: #190

Type: GrassType.pngNoneType.png
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Bellossom is a Grass Type Pokémon.

Bellossom is quite different physically from the rest of its evolutionary family, being primarily green in coloration instead of blue, having circular blue eyes instead of dot-like red ones, and having red markings on its cheeks. Bellossom has two bright red flowers on its head and green and yellow leaves that resemble a skirt, all adding to an appearance of a hula dancer. It may or may not possess feet (a trait shared by Jynx); while performing the "Bel-loop-de-loop" in the episode Flower Power, its center-most leaves bent as it was getting ready to spring, which may suggest that Bellossom do not have "feet" per se but rather leaves that act as substitutes for feet or legs. However, the Pokédex does classify it as a biped. A Bellossom's petals are said to be more beautiful the worse the Gloom it evolved from smelled.

It evolves from Gloom when exposed to a Sun Stone.

Pokédex Entry

BELLOSSOM gather at times and seem to dance. They say that the dance is a ritual to summon the sun.

Type Height Weight
Flower Pokémon 0.4m 5.8kg



Locations Method
- Evolves from Gloom


Location Level Trainer
National Park LVL 30 Lass.png Lass Krise


Lv. Move Type Cat. Description Power Acc. PP
- Mega Drain Type Grass.png SpecialMove.png A nutrient-draining attack. The user's HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target. 40 100% 15 (max 24)
- Stun Spore Type Grass.png OtherMove.png A move that may paralyze the foe. - 75% 30 (max 48)
- Sweet Scent Type Normal.png OtherMove.png Allures the foe to reduce evasiveness. It also attracts wild Pokémon. - 100% 20 (max 32)
- Sunny Day Type Fire.png OtherMove.png The user intensifies the sun for five turns, powering up Fire-type moves. - -% 5 (max 8)
- Leaf Blade Type Grass.png PhysicalMove.png Slashes with a sharp leaf. High critical-hit ratio. 90 100% 15 (max 24)
23 Magical Leaf Type Grass.png SpecialMove.png The user scatters curious leaves that chase the foe. This attack will not miss. 60 -% 20 (max 32)
53 Leaf Storm Type Grass.png SpecialMove.png A storm of sharp leaves is whipped up. The attack's recoil sharply reduces the user's Sp. Atk stat. 140 90% 5 (max 8)