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Major Characters

The Player:
A young boy from New Bark Town who has just set out on his first Pokemon journey.
A mysterious young boy who steals a Pokemon from Prof. Elm's Lab and has some history with Team Rocket.

Team Rocket

An Evil organization with plans to control the world.

Executive Proton:
One of the leaders of Team Rocket. First met in Slowpoke Well.
Executive Petrel:
One of the leaders of Team Rocket. First met in Team Rocket HQ.
Executive Ahriana:
One of the leaders of Team Rocket. First met in Team Rocket HQ.

Gym Leaders

The First Johto gym leader, from Violet City. Controls Flying type Pokemon.
The Second Johto gym leader, from Azalea Town. Trains Bug type Pokemon.
The Third Johto Gym Leader, from Goldenrod City. Trains Normal type Pokemon.
The Fourth Johto Gym Leader, from Ecruteak City. Trains Ghost type Pokemon.
The Fifth Johto Gym Leader, from Cianwood City. Trains Fighting type Pokemon.
The Sixth Johto Gym Leader, from Olivine City. Trains Steel type Pokemon.
The Seventh Johto Gym Leader, from Mahogany Town. Trains Ice type Pokemon.

Other Characters

Prof. Elm
The leading Pokemon Professor from Johto who runs a lab in New Bark Town. Gives the player his first pokemon.
The Player's mother. She stays at home and keeps the house clean while you adventure(a great mother really).
Prof. Oak
A world renowned Pokemon Professor from Kanto. Gives The Player his Pokedex when you meet him at MR. Pokemon's house on Route 30.
Mr. Pokemon
A well known collector of Pokemon....things. After giving you a Pokemon Prof. Elm requests that you pick up a Pokemon Egg for him from Mr. Pokemon's house on Route 30.
Creates special Pokeballs out of Apricorns. When you first meet him he runs off to deal with Team Rocket in Slowpoke Well but has to ask The Player to defeat them for him when he injures his back.
Chases after Suicune and battles the player in Cianwood City.