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The Goldenrod Department Store (Japanese: コガネひゃっかてん Kogane Department Store) is the largest store in Johto. It is located in south central Goldenrod City and contains many items not found in a traditional Poké Mart.


The Goldenrod Dept. Store contains a working elevator and see through floors. Also the rooftop allow players to see the entirety of Goldenrod City along with Route 34 to the south and Route 35 to the north.


First Floor: Service Counter

Here, a receptionist welcomes customers.

Second Floor: Trainer's Market

This floor's slogan is "Your Travel Companion." It sells basic equipment and items Pokémon Trainers might need in their journeys.

Third Floor: Battle Collection

"For Victory Seekers" is the slogan of this floor. It sells temporary stat-enhancing items.

Fourth Floor: Medicine Box

A pharmacy selling permanent stat-enhancing items is located on this floor. Its slogan is "Let us pump up your Pokémon!" The items are the same in both Generation II and IV.

Fifth Floor: TM Corner

This floor is devoted to the sale of Technical Machines. The poster on the wall declares "Customize Your Pokémon!" Talking to the little girl on this floor unlocks the Mystery Gift option.


The rooftop cannot be accessed by the elevator; instead the player must travel up the final flight of stairs. Some people go up to the roof top to take a break from shopping. This location is technically part of the Goldenrod City map and as such can see the entirety of the city and routes 34 and 35


There are 20 people in the Dept Store (including the roof). 6 are staff and 14 are customers.


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