File Paths and Editing

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The Pokemon 3D game is based on numerous files found on your hard drive that are downloaded by the Launcher

Each file goes in a specific folder depending on its job.


The Launcher is one of the most important aspects of the game.

Everything is based on where the launcher is located in your files.

Pokemon Folder

This Folder contains EVERYTHING for the game. It is downloaded by the launcher into the same folder as the launcher.

There are 6 folders 3 .dat files, and Pokemon.exe



Used to determine what version the game is.


Contains a log of all crashes that have occurred. Crashes may also make a separate file that should be posted on the forums in the Bugs section.


Saves all of the options that you choose in the settings from the launcher. More details on each on the Launcher page.



Contains the majority of the files used to run the game.

Content Packs

Place any Content Packs that you download here to have the game automatically use them.


Place any GameModes that you download here to use them with the game.


Contains the files for each map and the wild Pokemon encountered on each map.


Contains all of the offline save files for the game. (the online saves are stored in the clouds)


Contains any screenshots taken with the f2 key ingame.


Contains the scripts for every event in the game. These include all of the trainer files.

Game Folder
Pokemon Folder Launcher
Content ContentPacks GameModes maps Saves Screenshots Scripts Version History
Pokemon GameMode.dat poke Save Folder V1 V2 trainer map
Data Party.dat Player.dat Options.dat