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An Achievement is proof that you have completed some task in the game. The task varies with each achievement. When you complete the task, a sound will come up, and the achievement you just got is shown in the top left corner for a brief period of time.

There are 5 achievements at the moment.

List of Achievements

Image Name Description How to get
Achievement menu.png Start up Open the inventory Press E to open the menu.
Achievement firstpokemon.png Hardest Decision. Get your first Pokémon. Got to Elms lab in New Bark Town and choose one of the three Pokémon as your starter.
Achievement apricorntree.png To the Kurt. Pick an Apricorn from a tree. Interact with any Apricorn tree with an Apricorn and pick it.
Achievement greenthump.png Green thump Plant a berry into loamy soil. Find an empty spot of loamy soil, interact with it and choose a berry from the inventory to plant into it.
Achievement ladder.png Next level! Evolve a Pokémon. Get a Pokémon to evolve.

Version history

Version Changes
0.17 Implemented.