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Throughout the regions, outside of the Gym Leaders and Elite Four, there are a number of strong trainers who are willing to battle regularly. These trainers have strong Pokemon with high levels.


Renowned Trainer Lorelei

Lorelei currently resides in her home town on Four Island. She was a member of the Elite Four but retired some time after the incident in Icefall Cave three years previous to the story. She makes a point that she retired to protect her town and the rest of the islands and not because she was old like Agatha, another ex-Elite Four member. She is first seen chasing a Team Rocket grunt who brought their ransom demands for the Lapras they kidnapped in Icefall Cave. In exchange for freeing the Lapras she gives them the Master Ball she received when she retired from the Elite Four. She then tries to retrieve the Master Ball and afterwards interrogate one of the grunts before asking the Player to help defeat Team Rocket. Once the player defeats Team Rocket she can be battled in her house on Four Island once per day, and her team will increase by ten levels once she has been beaten ten times.

First Ten Battles

087 091 473 124 038A 131
Dewgong Cloyster Mamoswine Jynx Alolan Nintetales Lapras
Lv. 61 Lv. 60 Lv. 60 Lv. 62 Lv. 62 Lv. 63

All other Battles

087 091 473 124 038A 131
Dewgong Cloyster Mamoswine Jynx Alolan Nintetales Lapras
Lv. 71 Lv. 70 Lv. 70 Lv. 72 Lv. 72 Lv. 73


Pokémon Trainer Agatha

Agatha is a former Elite Four member. She retired shorty after Red defeated her on his way to the championship 3 years prior to the story, claiming that she was too old to continue in the position. There are rumors that she had trained and recommended Karen to fill her position. In her youth she had a fierce rivalry with Prof. Oak and has always been upset he stopped competing in Pokémon battles to focus on his research. When the player invites Prof. Oak to the Goldenrod Battle Bar he gets her to join him there every Thursday around noon.

094M 024 094 429 169 105A
Mega Gengar Arbok Gengar Mismagius Crobat Alolan Marowak
Lv. 73 Lv. 70 Lv. 71 Lv. 72 Lv. 70 Lv. 72


Pokémon Trainer Green

Green is a peer of Red and Blue having started her journey at the same time and having received her first Pokemon from Prof. Oak. In contrast with her peers, she has kept a much lower profile and is no where near as famous. She will make an appearance at the Goldenrod Battle Bar for about a day whenever the Player defeats Red.

040 210 009M 132 036 031
Wigglytuff Granbull Mega Blastoise Ditto Clefable Nidoqueen
Lv. 77 Lv. 76 Lv. 80 Lv. 79 Lv. 77 Lv. 79


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