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Circle Throw (Japanese: ともえなげ Overhead Throw) is a damage-dealing Fighting-type move.


Circle Throw inflicts damage. Additionally, it will automatically end wild Pokémon battles or, in a Trainer battle, it will switch out the opposing Pokémon to the next Pokémon in line that has not fainted. Like Roar and Whirlwind, Circle Throw has decreased priority in battle.

Circle Throw will fail to end wild Pokémon battles or switch out the opposing Trainer's Pokémon if it has the Ability Suction Cups, is under the effects of [Pokémon Move/Ingrain|Ingrain]], or has Substitute set up. In a Trainer battle, it will also fail to switch out the opposing Pokémon if there isn't another to take its place.

Information Tab

ID Name Type Cat. Description Power Acc. PP
509 Circle Throw Type Fighting.png PhysicalMove.png The target is thrown and switched. In the wild, a battle against a single Pokémon ends. 60 90% 10 (max 16)

Version History

Version Changes
0.20 Not implemented yet.