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Story Content

Introduction (Offline Mode only)

After selecting New Game (Kolben GameMode), Professor Oak appears and introduces you to the world of Pokémon. Then he asks for your name. After that, you wake up in your bedroom.

The general difference between an official game and the Pokémon 3D is that you are not asked to set-up the time as it uses your computer local time.



The PC

Since Pokémon 3D do not have an item storage system, the PC sitting on the desk is replaced with Mystery Events. Mystery Events are events that give bonuses when battling trainer, wild pokémon, etc. It is usually not in operational thus this is useless for the time being.


Go downstairs and talk to Mom. She tells you that Professor Elm has something to ask you. Before you leave, she returns your Pokégear. This handy device is something that a Trainer should never be without, featuring clock, map, phone, and radio functions later on. She teaches you how to activate your Pokégear and gave you her number.

To get out of your house, there is a mat at the door. Simply walk right through it and - welcome to New Bark Town!

New Bark Town

New Bark Town (In 2D perspective)

New Bark Town is a rather boring, quaint town, having only four buildings. The house to the east is yours, the house to the south belongs to Professor Elm, the house to the southwest is home to another resident, and the big building to the north is Professor Elm's lab. Ignore the red-haired kid that kicks you out of his way, and enter the lab.

Professor Elm's Lab

Professor Elm is busy with his studies, so he asks you to visit an old colleague of his. Mr. Pokémon's house is located on Route 30, north of Cherrygrove City, and he has an intriguing discovery for the professor. Elm offers you one of his three newly discovered Pokémon from his desk to accompany you.

Cyndaquil Totodile Chikorita