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What is a Content Pack?

A Content Pack is a bundle of files stored in a folder in the Pokemon\ContentPacks\ directory that can change:

  • Music
  • Sounds
  • Textures ( GUI, NPC, Entity and Tilesets )
  • Fonts
  • Models

One can have multiple Content Packs activated and they replace the content that they find in decending order.
Content Packs are essentially a way to customize the game experience without altering any game features.
All changes done by Content Packs are aesthetic.

Important Note: In v0.58, there's not yet a menu option to add Content Packs. However, you can add them manually, which is explained below.

Preparation, directories and in-game activation

In order to properly create a Content Pack, you should create a new offline game, get a Pokémon on that new save file and enable the SandBoxMode. You can do that by opening the player.dat file in your save game folder with Notepad.

All Content Packs are located in the ContentPacks directory, and each Content Pack is represented by a directory with a "info.dat" file in it.

ContentPack explanation.png

To manually add Content Packs to Pokémon 3D you follow these steps (as shown in the image on the right):

  • Step 1: Add the desired Content Pack to the ContentPacks folder (if it's in a .zip file, extract it), and copy its name.
  • Step 2: Go to the Saves folder and open options.dat with Notepad or any sufficient text editor.
  • Step 3: Add the exact name(s) of the desired Content Pack(s) after the ContentPacks| line, separated by commas.

The order in which the Content Packs are represented in this list is the same as their loading order.
Content Packs can be used with Online profiles.

Basic Structure

A Content Pack consists of at least a folder in the ContentPacks directory and a text file called "info.dat" inside of it as well as an optional "exceptions.dat".
If you want to add content files like music and textures to the ContentPack, the game searches the ContentPack folders as if they were the "Content" folder of the game.

This means if you have a file located in "Pokemon\Content\Textures\test.png", to replace that file ingame with your own version, you put that file here: "Pokemon\ContentPacks\<yourcontentpack>\Textures\test.png".
Any exceptions will be listed in the "exceptions.dat" file.

A Content Pack can replace all texture (.png/.xnb files), music (.ogg) and sound effect files (.wav/.xnb files) inside the original Content folder of the game, except the "GameJolt" logo which will always be loaded through the original Content folder.
Only .ogg music is supported at the moment, because it uses a different audio playback engine compared to sound effects.

Control Files

Content Packs can contain 2 "Control" Files, The required info.dat and the optional exceptions.dat

The "info.dat" file

The info.dat file consists of 3 lines of text:

The version of your Content Pack.
The name of your Content Pack.
Additional information about your Content Pack. ( Accept <br /> to make a new line )

None of these have to contain the intended information.

The "exceptions.dat" file

The exceptions.dat file lists the changes to the existing textures. The can be in 2 types:

Scaling changes

This is for when you want to increase the resolution of an entire texture file it needs the texture name and the int multiplier to scale the texture by


When this texture pack is active all texture calls to the given texture file will be scaled appropriately.

For the above example:

 folder\texturename 32,48,16,16 

will be converted to

 folder\texturename 64,96,32,32 

Direct Replacement

This is for when you want a specific instance of a texture to be replaced with another:


When this texture pack is active all texture calls for the exact "old" texture will be replaced by the "new" one

As an example:


Every time the 16x16 area of textures\routes starting at 0,32 it will instead be replaced by the 16x8 area of textures\house starting at 16,48
This will not impact any reference that isnt EXACTLY the given old reference
ex: texture\routes 0,32,16,8 will not be replaced in any way unless a different line is given to account for it specifically

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