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The Content Folder of the Pokemon 3D game contains most of the Files that run the game. It is located in the Pokemon Folder and contains 12 Folders.

You can change the actual Content with customized Content Packs, you can find some in the forum


All of the data for the game in text files.



Contains all of the fonts used in the game.


Contains the images used to make the menus of the game.


Contains the sprites for every item in the game.


Contains the translations currently done.

Each Localization is a .dat file and can be activated in the main menu.


Contains the files for almost everything to do with the Pokemon in the game

There are 4 folders in this Folder.


Contains a .dat file named according to the number of the Pokemon who's Data it contains.(ie: Bulbasaur = 1.dat, Ivysaur = 2.dat, etc.)

Details on the contents of each file here.


Contains the Sprites for the Egg


Contains 2 folders: one for regular sprites and another for Shiny sprites. Each folder must contain a file for each Pokemon numbered accordingly (ie: Bulbasaur = 1.xnb, Ivysaur = 2.xnb, etc.)


Contains a file for each Pokémon that contains the images for use in the Pokédex, renaming screen, etc

Each file is named with the Pokemon's name


Contains the Images used to make the sky.


Containsan .XNB and a .WMA version of every single song used in the game.


Contains the files used for different sounds within the game such as the Healing Machine, and contains a folder of all of the cries for each Pokemon numbered accordinly (ie: Bulbasaur = 1.xnb, Ivysaur = 2.xnb, etc.).


Contains all of the images used to build the map.

Also contains all of the NPC sprites.

Game Folder
Pokemon Folder Launcher
Content ContentPacks GameModes Saves Screenshots Version History
Pokemon Data GameMode.dat Save Folder
Data maps Scripts Party.dat Player.dat Options.dat
poke V1 V2 trainer map