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After defeating a Gym Leader you will receive a badge of that gym as proof of your victory. Each badge gives you access to various benefits, whether it's control over higher level pokémon, the use of certain abilities out of battle or stat boosts.

Collecting all the badges allows the player to challenge the Elite Four.

Johto Gym Badges

Image Badge Gym Leader Allows HM Obey Level Stat Boost
50px-Zephyr Badge.png Zephyr Falkner Flash None Attack
50px-Hive Badge.png Hive Bugsy Cut 30 None
50px-Plain Badge.png Plain Whitney Strength and Ride N/A Speed
50px-Fog Badge.png Fog Morty Surf 50 None
50px-Storm Badge.png Storm Chuck Fly 70 None
50px-Mineral Badge.png Mineral Jasmine None N/A Defense
50px-Glacier Badge.png Glacier Pryce Whirlpool N/A Special Attack & Special Defense
50px-Rising Badge.png Rising Clair Waterfall 100 None

Kanto Gym Badges

Image Badge Gym Leader Allows HM Obey Level Stat Boost
Boulder Badge.png Boulder Brock None None None
Cascade Badge.png Cascade Misty None None None
Thunder Badge.png Thunder Lt. Surge Dive None None
Rainbow Badge.png Rainbow Erika None None None
Soul Badge.png Soul Janine None None None
Marsh Badge.png Marsh Sabrina None None None
Volcano Badge.png Volcano Blaine None None None
Earth Badge.png Earth Blue Rock Climb None None