Virus HD texture Pack

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Virus HD texture Pack(alpha) - Beautiful textures pack with a nice GUI change

Dont let the file name scare you off i promise there is nothing wrong with it. just thought it was a nice name changer.

I know most of the texture in this pack is still out data but I promise you im already going back to update it.

Im releasing this early so i can get some player feed back on what exactly needs proving upon and what they would like change (ITS NOT FINISH YET SO I KNOW ALMOST EVERYTHING)

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Pokémon Ranger


Pokémon Ranger
ReconVirus updated Virus HD texture Pack(alpha) with a new update entry:

Virus HD texture Pack

Change log for 1.0 3/17/15

- Minor update to safari
- Some Changes to Rocketbase
- Update Mahongany
- Updated Viridian forest
- Updated Routes(tress & some caves)

- Update Train
- Update book shevles in houses with color and simple coloring
- Updated goldenrod mart interior
- Update Logo

- Kanto maps NOW HAVE COLOR! :D
I used some resources from the emerald texture pack to make some changes in my own texture. I only copied over...​
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