[Finished] Smasher's Dumb (Sprite) Comics

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DANANANANA! DANANANANANA! I could bring you some high quality comics, but have this crap instead.

I'll be making weird comics and they'll all be part of the same universe, which is in the shadows of Hippo's fat, I'll call this universe...the Goldfish.
#Goldfish2013 #NeverForget

In this universe, we'll have many different dimensions. The interdimensional travel is only possible using the power of "Karp", a special source of power that every dimension has, but is incridebly rare and hard to obtain: They are extracted from rainbows.

So, here is the first chapter of the first comic, enjoy! (I know it sucks, but it'll get better in the future, I hope)
Comic 1-1:

Epic, huh? No, well, screw that.
Ps: I'm "serious" about what I said previously, but this is a joke comic anyway, so it might end up derpy on purpose

Ps²: For those that helped me with that Karp lore long ago, thank you, because this is also appearing here, eventually...

My comic is currently recommended for anyone, even the likes of @Splitzblue.
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