Pokemon online/offline 3d rpg

So I've began working on a online Pokemon game in full 3d. Quite a few complex systems to include likely most will come later, some being multiplayer Team system etc. All basic systems will be available in offline mode, them being Live combat and catch, evolution, avatar etc. Story line is being written up right now and currently I'm the only one on the team. Progress will likely be slow due to the initial modelling process. Basing it off of Fire Red/Leaf Green with many twists.

To do List:

Intro-> Main Menu
Register(In game register)->Login
Account Recovery(Web Redirect)
Single Player/LAN/T1
Exit game

Lobby System;
Breaks up players into 4 lobbies(if crowding is a problem)

Engage system;
Live battle system + Live Catch System


Team System;
War + Group Battle + CTF + Unique Teams


Mount system;
Bikes + Vehicles + pokemon

Battle Arena

In Game Profiles

Avatar system

Fashion Shows

Island tournaments + Unique event badges.

Event system

Rank System(in place of level) + Pokemon level system

Evolution System

Shopping System
300 Pokemon;
Pokedex System

Progress of the main character model, uv mapping and rigging still to come. Very early model.
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