Complete Happiness guide for pokemon that evolve from it.


Starting Trainer
In Pokemon Gold and Silver, a new type of evolution was introduced. A hidden value from 0 to 255 called Happiness is given to all Pokemon in the game, determining how well you've tamed each of your Pokemon. For most Pokemon, this value merely determines the power of Frustration (your Pokemon has a low happiness value) and Return (high happiness). For a select few Pokemon, evolution can be achieved when the happiness value is maxed out and the Pokemon gains a level after achieving max-out of happiness.

Pokemon that Evolve from Happiness
PokemonEvolves into
Espeon (Day)
Umbreon (Night)
Discovering Happiness
There's no way to know the exact value of a Pokemon's happiness.
You can, however, try talking to your Pokemon.
It will give you a speech based on its happiness. Most Pokemon start with a basic friendship of 70.

*Happiness values per speech will be added in the future, maybe.)

Affecting Happiness Positively
There are only a certain number of ways you can affect your Pokemon's happiness, and each way has less of an effect as your Pokemon gains more happiness. Anyway, here are all the methods of affecting happiness:

Raising Happiness:
- Walk 256 with the Pokemon in your active Party. (+1 for all happiness values)
- Take the Pokemon to Blue's Sister (Daisy) in Pallet Town for Grooming from 3 PM to 4 PM everyday. (+3 for values 0-199, +1 for values 200-254)
- Give the Pokemon Vitamins [HP Up, Carbos, Iron, Protein, Calcium, PP Up] (+5 0-99, +3 100-199, +2 200-249)
- Usage in Important Battle [Gym Leaders, Elites, Red] (+3 0-199, +2 200-249)
- Level Up the Pokemon (+5 0-99, +3 100-199, +2 200-249 per level)

The Haircut Brothers work a little differently. They can be found in the Underground Path of Goldenrod City every day of the week besides Monday. The younger brother will be there on Tuesday, Thrusday and Saturday and costs $300 while the older brother can be found on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday for $500. They'll give your Pokemon a haircut which will randomly affect happiness.

"[Pokemon] looks a little happier."For the both the Older and Younger Brothers, you merely get a +1 for Pokemon of all happiness values.
"[Pokemon] looks happy!"-For the both the Older and Younger Brother, you a nice get +3 for Pokemon with happiness values 0-199, and +1 for those with 200-249.
"[Pokemon] looks delighted!"For the Younger Brother, you get major +10 bonus for Pokemon with happiness values 0-199 and an okay +4 for those with values 200-249. But for the Older Brother, you get a +5 increase for Pokemon with happiness values 0-100 and a mere +2 for those with 200-249 values.
If you want to skip all this happiness stuff and evolve the appropriate Pokemon much faster, you can get a special PokeBall made in Azelea Town by giving Kurt a Green Apricorn (these can be gotten daily from Cutting down the bush on Route 42 and checking the Apricorn trees.) If you catch any Pokemon with this ball, it starts with a happiness value of 200. Unfortunately, Chansey and Golbat are the only catchable Pokemon that evolve from happiness.

Affecting Happiness Negatively
I don't know why anyone would prefer their Pokemon to be unhappy instead of happy unless you want the Pokemon to hate you anyway, because Frustration is basically the same as Return, but it's much harder to maintain unhappiness, and your Pokemon don't evolve for it, either.
Decreasing Happiness:
  • The Pokemon faints in battle. (-1 for all happiness values)
  • Use of Energypowder (-5 for values 0-199, -10 for values 200-249)
  • Use of Heal Powder (-5 for values 0-199, -10 for values 200-249)
  • Use of Energy Root (-10 for values 0-199, -15 for values 200-249)
  • Use of Revival Herb (-15 for values 0-199, -20 for values 200-249)
  • As mentioned before, trading your Pokemon will reset its happiness to a mere 70, so be warned.
  • Also, your Pokemon will return to a happiness of 70 if left in a Pokemon Stadium 2 box, because it's changed ownership.
Myths of Happiness
There seemed to be a number of things thought to effect happiness that really don't mean anything at all in the game. Only the things mentioned above affect happiness, postively or negatively. But just in case you need things spelled out for you, the following factors do not affect happiness:

  • Putting a Pokemon in Bill's PC (Come on, would that really be fair? You can only have 6 Pokemon with you at a time.)
  • Healing the Pokemon when weak and injured.
  • Giving a Pokemon a hold item.
  • Using a Pokemon in battles (save level ups).
  • Winning battles with a Pokemon (again, save for when it gains a level).
  • Letting a Pokemon's HP fall to critical status (when the annoying beeper starts warbling).
  • Letting your Pokemon get a status effect like Paralysis.
  • Walking when your Pokemon has a status effect.
  • UNSURE: In Crystal, apparently you're Pokemon gains more happiness if it levels up in the location it was captured. I don't have Crystal, thus I can't check this. According to the game it's legit, but Gold and Silver also say giving a Pokemon a held item boosts their happiness when it doesn't. Still, because Crystal has the Pokemon Seer in Cianwood City, this is most likely a real happiness booster.

    And that's basically all there is to happiness! May your Pokemon be tamed the way you want them to be tamed, and may Blissey rule the world!
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