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Tornado9797's Trading Forum Rules Segment:

Although many members of the community are generally well-mannered, there are some things members may need to follow while visiting and/or posting in this forum:
  1. A member should always take the Terms of Service and Rules into consideration whenever posting. Failure to comply with these terms could result in a ban.
  2. A thread creator should probably indicate which game they are talking about (Pokémon 3D, or Official Games, etc.) in their thread's title and/or in the first post of the thread to avoid confusion. A punishment will probably not be given out for this, but it is heavily recommended.
  3. When a member wishes to finish their trading thread, select Thread Tools and from the drop-box, select Edit Title. From there, they are to select the Finished prefix to indicate that their thread is done. Again, no punishment probably, but it really helps to inform us.
and... that's pretty much it, because the Terms of Service and Rules pretty much sets up everything else one needs to know.

Happy trading!

Fanta's Trading Forum Rules Segment:

Archiving Thread Rules :
Time : Threads will now be archived if the Original Poster fails to reply to his own thread for 3 consecutive weeks, AND the thread goes inactive for 2 weeks.*

Completion: If for any reason I believe that a trade is finished I will immediately lock it and archive it, If you are the Original Poster of said thread and you want to me to unlock it, PM me.

Spam : If for some reason I felt like you are just creating random threads for the sake of creating threads. I will Delete every single one of your threads (even legit ones) as a soft warning, and for your own sake, don't do that again.**

Ban : If the Original poster of a thread gets banned, thread will be locked and archived on the spot.*

Other Rules :
: This one is up to me, I will sticky threads when I see reason to it. and I will un-sticky it when I decide to.

Game : From now on I will assume that every trade is a P3D trade, If the trade is not related to this game, please state so.

Double posting : Double posting from now on will only be allowed for the Original Poster of the thread. However, if you overdo it for no good reason, You will lose that privilege indefinitely, And all of your double posts will be merged.**

* This applies to normal trading threads mostly, otherwise it still falls under 1 month period rule.
Failure to comply to any of these rules will result in you receiving a warning point.
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