Exchange [Pokémon 3D] Trade Evolution Organization Thread

This thread is for organizing trading pokemon to evolve them. Also, its to make it so this forum isnt flooded with "help me evolve X" threads.
To trade in Pokemon 3D, you need to use the GTS (located in your pokegear). Only the original trade pokemon will evolve. The offered pokemon wont. So the same person needs to make both trades.

Here is an example of how trade evolutions work in case my description sucks:
0. Person A and Person B become friends in-game
1. Person A puts his Haunter up for trade for Person B's Kadabra.
2. Person B offers his Kadabra and the trade is completed.
3. Haunter evolves into Gengar. Kadabra doesnt evolve.
4. Person A has to put Kadabra up for trade for Gengar.
5. Person B offers Genger, gets Kadabra, and Kadabra evolves.
6. Both hope that next update, it is changed so both pokemon evolve from a single trade.

When trading, make sure to spell your trade partner's gamejolt ID correctly, or they wont be able to see the trade!

Here is a list of all of the pokemon that can be evolved through trade in Pokemon 3D: (if it needs to be holding an item, the item will be parenthesis)
Kadabra → Alakazam
Machoke → Machamp
Graveler → Golem
Haunter → Gengar
Poliwhirl → Politoed (King's Rock)
Slowpoke → Slowking (King's Rock)
Onix → Steelix (Metal Coat)
Seadra → Kingdra (Dragon Scale)
Scyther → Scizor (Metal Coat)
Porygon → Porygon2 (Up-Grade)
Porygon2 → Porygon-Z (Dubious Disc)
Rhydon → Rhyperior (Protector)
Electabuzz → Electivire (Electirizer)
Magmar → Magmortar (Magmarizer)
Clamperl → Huntail (Deep Sea Tooth)
Camperl → Gorebyss (Deep Sea Scale)
Feebass → Milotic (Prism Scale)
Dusclops → Dusknoir (Reaper Cloth) *
Spritzee → Aromatisse (Sachet) *
Swirlix → Slurpuff (Whipped Dream) *

* these pokemon are unavailable as of version 0.49.1 , but their item is in the game so I'm listing them anyway.

Here is where to find the evolution items:
King's Rock - Slowpoke Well BF1. Held by wild Slowbro and Polywhirl
Metal Coat - On the SS Aqua. Held by wild magnemite
Dragon Scale - Mt. Mortar Upper Cave. Held by wild Horsea, Seadra, Dratini, and Dragonair
Up-Grade - Team Rocket Warehouse
Dubious Disc - Hidden Grotto
Protector - Route 48
Electirizer - Mt. Mortar
Magmarizer - Mt. Mortar
Deep Sea Tooth - Hidden Grotto
Deep Sea Scale - Hidden Grotto
Prism Scale - Hidden Grotto
Reaper Cloth - Hidden Grotto
Sachet - Hidden Grotto
Whipped Dream - Hidden Grotto

In addition to the above places, all of those items are available in various hidden grottoes.

When posting, be sure to specify with pokemon you want to evolve and your gamejolt ID. Putting these things in bold will help people notice them.

Or, you could copy and paste the below form into your post:

Gamejolt ID:
Pokemon I want to trade evolve:

:chicken: EDIT: When your trades are completed, edit your post to say so :chicken:
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SatanClaus and I finished some trades, but his Machoke and Haunter wouldn't evolve. Does anyone know why that happened? The others worked fine.