The Shiny that got away...


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well when i was playing my old silver version on my gbc i found a shiny zubat in the ilex forest. now i love zubats and i just learned recently at that point what shiny pokemon even were so i had two pokeballs to do this capture. i took his health down little past half and didnt want to damage it any more. so i used the first than i used the second one and i failed again... i will never forget about that zubat that got away haha. anyone else who found a shiny pokemon but it got away? :p


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When I found my first shiny, it was my very first shiny and I found it in this game, it was a Vulpix. When I saw that it was shiny, I was so damn shocked! I was like: CATCH IT! CATCH IT! I threw my Ghastly and used nightshade/Lick to weaken the Vulpix, Vulpix had like 25% hp left and I started throwing balls. The first 3 missed and then Vulpix used Roar and I skipped a beat.... LUCKILY. Ghastly is IMMUNE to Roar! And I was able to catch it with the next ball! :D


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It could be worse. ;)
I haven't lost any shinies myself, luckily.
My first was a shiny tentacool in pokemon crystal. My second shiny was in pokemon diamond. I wanted to try to use the pokeradar to chain roselias, hoping to find one that was shiny. The very first time I started the radar, I saw some sparkling grass. I walked into the patch of sparkling grass and found... a shiny female smeargle. x) I was extatic that I found a shiny pokemon on my very first try. :)


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haha well at least im not the only one i guess. plus shiny crobat isnt really the coolest looking haha its pink soooo... lol. And yeah i liked the chaining they had in diamond and pearl and platinum. i cought a shiny geodude that way lol.


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haha whenever you feel like that just look at my signiture hahaha. And ive always collected shinies so to me they are quite the big deal. i used to spend forever soft resetting my games for shinies especially rayquaza. hes probably my favorite shiny pokemon in the game. Well i never really got a shiny legendary without and AR haha.