Fixed [0.29] Typos and stuff...

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More typos. I've made corrections in red text below each picture.

"...sleep or paralyzing them are good..."

"Stumped by our invisible floor?"

"...our EEVEEs in the same way..." (plural)

"...and laid a curse on Zubat." (just the period missing here)

"People train at this LIGHTHOUSE."
"It's not easy to climb because of..."

"Nobody had better get in my way!"

"And you have witnessed much more..."

"May I see your Pokémon?" (question mark instead of exclamation mark)

"I'm glad I got to see your Pokémon!" (remove that extra period)

"...CIANWOOD CITY to teach my Pokémon how to FLY."

"I spent the spring with my Pokémon. Then summer, fall and winter... Then spring came again. We have..." (I looked this up and there should be no capitals)

'PokeFan' should become 'PokéFan'. This typo is only on the VS screen and goes for all PokéFan trainers.
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