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Spanish Translations/Localization

Other Spanish Translations/Localization 0.58.1

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ElDiosX submitted a new resource:

Spanish Translations/Localization - Spanish Translations/Localization

Copy the folder "Content" in the
root folder of the game and agree
to replace all files .

Este archivo contiene todas las cosas
que se pueden traducir sin que sea
detectado como archivo corrupto,
para instalarlo mueve la carpeta "Content"
a la carpeta raiz de tu version de juego.

Para activarlo en la version 0.58.1 ve
a la carpeta "Save" abre el archivo
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P3D Developer
Elite Four
Great work! But this should really be added to the game it self and not as resource pack. :D
Also; I am working on new translations for the game, so this will not be working in the future. :(