Install Ubuntu With Disk Imager and Rufus


Starting Trainer
{Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions on earth. |} In this tiny guide, I will share with you how to install it on your computer or notebook. For this setup process of Ubuntu, I am going to use a software called Win32 Disk Imager. It's recommended for advanced users. If you're a beginner and searching for something simple, then it's possible to use Rufus USB software.

For a lot of us, Ubuntu is your entry to the wonderful universe of Linux operating systems. The attractive design and entry-level operation are not the only benefits of Ubuntu. Installation is a kid's play using a USB stick along with my instructions.


First of all, you must download the Ubuntu ISO from their website and download either of the following software from the links below. Once the USB founder is downloaded, install it on your PC. Then launch the program and load the downloaded ISO file into the program.

Then, eliminate any USB or USB hard drives. Insert a blank USB of at least 8GB to a USB port. Now begin Win32 Disk Imager or Rufus using a double click on {Select image and find your downloaded version of Ubuntu (you can normally find it in the"Downloads" folder) by clicking on the" three dots".Next, choose the USB drive choice under" Type". There should now be a letter below the drive. Then click on " Next".

The application will create the bootable USB and now you may enter into your BIOS settings and place USB boot up as your preferred method of booting.
After you place that and restart your pc, your BIOS will automatically detect the installation device and you will get the Ubuntu installation window. {From there you can partition your hard disk as you'd like and continue the installation.