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Game Pokémon 3D Version Indev 0.57.1


P3D Developer
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Hello! We are back so soon because of a small mistake which caused some serious problems for you all!

This update primarily fixes the crash that occurs after catching any member of the Tao Trio but, we also had a couple of minor changes we thought we should include from the new Generation 8 games, Sword and Shield!

Those changes are as follows:
Updated Rapid Spin, Howl, and King's Shield.
Added new interactions and immunities with intimidate.
Updated Koffing and Weezing's Abilities.
Updated Aegislash's base stats.

Again, sorry about the bug.


//The Pokémon3D Team
It has been many years since i played this game and just recently remembered it existed. Seems to have come quite a way since i last played it. 8th gym in kanto wasn't even implemented then lol. Keep up the good work