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Game Pokémon 3D Version Indev 0.57


P3D Developer
Download here!


Hello, again!

We actually did it! We have successfully gotten a new full version release prepared for you in a good time!
We got a new story line for you to try out that with some legendary rewards! We even removed two of the three existing Soon... Bots from 0.56 without adding anymore!

This version the main thing we are introducing is the Legendary Tao Trio story arc! Meet N and explore 2 new areas to find the stones necessary to awaken the Dragons Zekrom and Reshiram and, if you catch one, encounter the third member of the trio, Kyurem! Then you can fuse your other dragon with Kyurem at the Pewter Museum.

We also have a few other minor features to introduce to you for 0.57:
Pewter Museum floor 2.
Rock Tunnel and Diglett's Cave remade with the HGSS layouts.
3 New TMs available to be found.
Several new script commands.

We also fixed a bunch of minor bugs, glitches, and oddities.

A more detailed version of the changelog can be found here

Hope you guys enjoy this update!


//The Pokémon3D Team

P.S: Version 0.58 is moving and might be ready before the end of the year, but could end up being in January because of the upcoming Holidays.