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Game Pokémon 3D Version Indev 0.56


P3D Developer
Download here!

OpenAL is required, download it here!


Hello, again!

We're back again with a new version! And in less than a year too!
We got a major new feature for you to try out that should have alot of you excited!

This version the main thing we are introducing is Gym Leader Rematches! Once you have beaten Lance(Johto Gym Leaders) and Blue(Kanto Gym Leaders) you can rematch all of the Gym Leaders by inviting them to meet you at the Battle Bar in Goldenrod City. However, the battles aren't just limited to Gym Leaders as, once you have gotten all of the Gym Leaders coming to the Bar you will be able to search out 8 further special trainers. Good luck facing off against these strong trainers!

We also have a few other minor features to introduce to you for 0.56:
Terrain Battle effect as well as related moves, items, and abilities.
Red gets mega stronger after you beat him the first time!
New Items in the Frontier shop
Evolution Stone shop in Fuchsia City
Minor Aesthetic and item changes to Icefall Cave
Berserk Gene, Pewter Crunchies and 3 new Berries are obtainable

Also all bugs related to the time systems have been fixed so Hidden Grottos, apricorns, berries, etc should now work properly!
We also fixed a ton of minor bugs, glitches, and oddities.

A more detailed version of the changelog can be found here (beware spoilers!)

Also as a reminder OpenAL is a game requirement you can find it at:

Hope you guys enjoy this update!


//The Pokémon3D Team

P.S: We are already moving on 0.57 and we might be able to get it ready for release even faster than 0.56!!! maybe...