Crash [Indev 0.55.2] Constant Crash


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I've been experiencing crashing, I'm not sure what to else to say but, the crash message is: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". and it has happened 8 times all seemingly at random and, I was wondering if i could fix it.

I am new to the forums so I'm not sure if it posted this under the right thread or tag


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Hello there,
This is the right place to post this, sadly we can't fix bugs that we can't reproduce, sorry for the inconvenience caused.:(
Same here. I think what happened is either I was fish (Magikarp) farming on route 32 and water entrance to cave 2, Ruins of Alph or just me evolving my chikorita / pidgey (the pidgey was in a different location, maybe Union Cave) when I was grinding in Ruins of Alph so it's either a location bug or evolution bug. [I evolve my pokemon then walk a few steps triggering a crash.] Maybe try canceling the evolution when testing game dev? -btw grinding in this game really sucks. I know it's for balance but Pokemon games in general, grinding sucks. In Nep Re; Birth 1, that was some easy grinding I tell you. Oh well just venting how much I love and hate grinds.