Not confirmed [Indev 0.55.2] Suicune appearing on route 42 but event not triggering


Starting Trainer
The 'How to' post said provide a number of Pokemon involved and I'm not sure exactly what it's referring to but 1 Suicune instance with National Dex number 245.
I recently beat the league and proceeded to Vermillion city where the Suicune event played out as normal, and I've continued until defeating Proton and then Misty. I've returned to Johto to clear out any trainers I may have missed and when trying to reach the Karate master I found Suicune on Route 42, which is apparently the place you're supposed to see them just before Vermillion city, so I obviously did things out of order. Upon interacting with Suicune, a blank white text box appears, and the associated event does not trigger (refer to image). Is there any way I can fix this, like by forcing the event or just removing the entity from this save's instance of R42? It's not game breaking at all but it's something I'd like to amend. Thanks prior for any assistance