POKÉMON 3D Failure to run


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btw, what OS are you using?

ok, windows 10, got it

LoreToday at 12:42 PM


FantaToday at 12:43 PM



Download .NET Framework 4.7.2

in theory, you should have that installed by default

but check if that is the case

https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=35 same thing can be said about this

LoreToday at 12:44 PM

how do i find this in my files. i do beleive i also manually installed this earlier

FantaToday at 12:44 PM

go to your PC

into the downloads folder

LoreToday at 12:45 PM


sorry i was just looking in the wrong plack


okay ill try to run it but i atleast already had the first one


FantaToday at 12:47 PM

the first one comes pre-installed in windows 10

the second one should update the directX version you currently have

LoreToday at 12:48 PM

yeah, i did them both

i did already have the first

FantaToday at 12:48 PM

and the 3rd prerequisite is of course OpenAL

LoreToday at 12:48 PM

i do have this

FantaToday at 12:48 PM

can you go to control panel

LoreToday at 12:49 PM

im there

FantaToday at 12:49 PM

can you find this there

LoreToday at 12:50 PM

how do i take a cropped screenshot like that

FantaToday at 12:50 PM

this is how you get there if you have not figured it out yet

LoreToday at 12:50 PM

i do have it in there yes

FantaToday at 12:50 PM

ok, cool

I use the snip tool

LoreToday at 12:52 PM

oh, i know on some OS you can just snip out a bit of the page to take a screenshot of. i suppose not windows however

FantaToday at 12:52 PM

windows had that feature for ages

but now it has a better version of it

but I forgot the key for it

LoreToday at 12:53 PM

ah okay.

FantaToday at 12:53 PM

so yea, do you have an anti-virus installed?

LoreToday at 12:54 PM

nothing in my quarantine of note i dont think that is

thats a file from the game chivalry

when i go to windows defender's quarantine it redirects me here

FantaToday at 12:55 PM

can you turn it off tho?

LoreToday at 12:57 PM

i'm unsure how

FantaToday at 12:58 PM

let me research that

find its icon by the clock and right click it

LoreToday at 12:59 PM

no menu appears

i'm looking at the same thing as you i think

FantaToday at 12:59 PM

like that?

LoreToday at 1:00 PM

yes i right click it there and that menu does not appear

FantaToday at 1:00 PM

that's weird

LoreToday at 1:01 PM

and you cannot go to advanced settings from settings inside of the thing since an update

FantaToday at 1:02 PM

can you show me the options menu?

where the "advanced settings" is supposed to be

LoreToday at 1:02 PM

i figured it out

FantaToday at 1:02 PM


LoreToday at 1:03 PM

it doesn't work still

FantaToday at 1:04 PM


what about your graphics card driver?

is it up to date?(edited)

LoreToday at 1:08 PM

it should be. how would i check.

FantaToday at 1:08 PM

which one do you have?

LoreToday at 1:10 PM

radeon rx 560

FantaToday at 1:11 PM


Download Not Complete | AMD

this should check if you have the latest driver

LoreToday at 1:13 PM

Download Not Complete Share this page Article Number Download-Incomplete Review the guide below for solutions to download your file We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your download. There could be several reasons for this: You were linked to this download from a site outside of AMD.com Since we do not allow downloads through sites outside of AMD.com, please download your file directly from our site. We want to make sure you have the right driver for your device and operating system. Choose your product and operating system on the AMD Driver Download page or use the AMD Driver Autodetect to obtain the correct driver for your device.

FantaToday at 1:13 PM


LoreToday at 1:17 PM

waiting on the download

FantaToday at 1:17 PM

I'm gonna be honest with you

I don't think it's going to work for you

because I don't even know why it auto-closes after launch