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Game A new type of bug catching contest is available now!


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We have good news for you all, we have decided to break out of our yearly release tradition and release the next version in just a little over a month since the last one.

Yes, you heard it right, 0.56 is almost ready and it is coming sooner than you've expected, which brings us to the title of this thread, we need your help to catch every bug and squash it before we release of 0.56, the sooner we get this done the faster 0.56 will get released, and the cleaner the release of 0.56, the sooner the work on 0.57 would start.

How to join the Quality Assurance team:
the requirements to join the team are as follows:

1) You must have already beaten the story of 0.55.
2) You need to be a member of P3D's official discord server which you can join by clicking here: http://www.discord.me/p3d
3) Reply to this thread with your discord username, your gamejolt ID, your timezone and why do you think you should be on the QA team.

Once we finalize the list of people to join the QA team, you'll be contacted and invited to the team, some exclusive rewards awaits the top contributors in the second QA phase.


Pokémon Ranger
Discord Username: Sanio
Gamejolt ID: Sanio
Timezone: Mountain Standard Time (MST)
Why I think I should join the QA Team: I've been a big part of the 0.55 QA team and have been very helpful thanks to my availability for bug testing. I'd be more than welcome to QA test this next version.


Discord Username: Zottelchen#3918
Gamejolt ID: Zottelchen
Timezone: UTC+1
Why I think I should join the QA Team: Giovanni-RP and I need rare pokemon? Also long time player, tried to create a gamemode long time ago (which means I understand the game files). Also I added about half as many bytes to the wiki as Sanio (33065 vs 62401) in just a fraction of the time (10 days vs ~2 years).:p


Discord username: Megamaster91#1542
Gamejolt ID: Megamaster91
Timezone: CST
Why i should be part of the QA team: because i absolutely love this game and i think i would be good because I'm on all the time and im good at im just lucky with finding bugs or broken stuff in the game...plus i can help make sprites lol
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Starting Trainer
Discord username: Kytako#6033
Gamejolt ID:Kytako
Why I should be on the QA team: I think I should be on the qa team because I'm really good at finding bugs and problems with things


Active Member
Discord Username: Falkner
Gamejolt ID: Falkner
Timezone: CET (Central European Time)
Why I should join the QA Team: For the longest time I've been motivated to do my part in the progression of this game. I have been a part of two previous QA enrollments and, if you were satisfied with my part, would love to dedicate some time to the process again.


Discord Username: Halvixen
Gamejolt ID: Halcy
Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Why i should join the QA Team: I have had experience with the QA testing twice already. Although i mostly seem to find typos, i have found other issues as well. I would be honored if i was allowed to continue to help this game progress as smoothly as possible for others to enjoy it for as long as I have.