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Game Pokémon 3D Indev Version 0.55.2


P3D Developer
Download Here!

OpenAL is required, download it here!

I guess I jinxed it last time..... Here is another bug fix update!

New Stuff:
  • Added two move tutors (V-Create at Liberty Island; Draco Meteor at Dragon’s Den)
  • Flame Orb, Toxic Orb and Life Orb now sold at Frontier shop
  • Leaf = Green Sprite
  • New Red Rematches
  • Gender Switch button and save reset button re-added for Online saves

  • Fixed second item in Lost Cave from Ancient Shard to Sea Incense
  • Update a bunch of stairs
  • Improve offset maps around Route 17
  • Remove some spots where snow texture flickers with normal texture
  • Bug Catcher Arnie phone typo
  • Fix Item ID for Altarianite
  • Fix crash when using Judgement without a held item
  • Fix Elite Four doors
  • Fix double Expert Belts
  • Fix Pattern Bush wild encounters
  • Enhanced Mt. Silver battlemap
  • Modify Bruno’s rematch levels
  • Make the remaining 2 Kanto Mega Stones available
  • Upgrade some more heal items to gen 7 standards and match text for all
  • Make it impossible to meet friendly Grunts in Chrono Island
  • Item in wrong location in Sevault Canyon
  • Fix Pansage Hold item
  • Fix infinite item glitch
  • Fix Text overflow from Tanoby Ruins trainer
  • Potential fix for ability related crashes

Again if you find any other bugs please let us know!

Have Fun!


//The Pokémon3D Team
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