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Game Pokémon 3D Indev Version 0.55.1


P3D Developer
Download here!

OpenAL is required, download it here!

Here we are back so soon because we (I) fucked up enough to warrant it.
While the major bug preventing easy progress through Sevault Canyon is the main fix of this version we did to some other changes:

New Stuff:
  • Events Center in Ecruteak City
  • Fixed offset maps in Sevault Canyon
  • Removed old lady (and hidden hiker) from all Tanoby Chambers
  • Fixed Elite Four room doors
  • Fixed “Beast” Emblem
  • Modified some Emblem flavor text
  • Fix warps from Water Path on Fortune Island (fixes habitat-dex listings)
  • Changed stairs in Six Island Town to actual stairs
  • Fixed warps on Liberty Island
  • Revival Herb now fully heals
  • Fixed music not returning after riding boat to Sevii Islands

If you find any other bugs please let us know but hopefully nothing big enough to warrant 0.55.2 shows up before we are ready with 0.56!

Have Fun!


//The Pokémon3D Team