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Offered [Pokémon 3D] Sanio's Living Dex Lottery


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Strawberry ice cream lookin-ass Pokemon

Also froggo get! Am very happy
Wonder what the Shiny Magmortar tastes like looking like strawberry ice cream.
nooooo i lost T_T
It's alright. It can be bred unlike other rare trade-only Pokémon. Seek out those who have it and give them what they request, or you may get one for free! Don't count on it too much though.
I need da pink, pink is pretty!
Pink is also the color of dragon slayers. Be weary.
Ned shinee ples ty ;)
Saying "please" to me won't go far. However you would ask the website itself and offer a couple thousand bucks.
Damn, I didn't get frogboi. Well now I need pinkboy for stuff.
Here goes nothing
Good luck!
cmon lucky number.... uh.... 13.73?
I've heard that's a really lucky number. Me, myself, I, and you. 4 sources and all approve.

You've all been entered into the lottery! Thank you so much for entering. Sure it's purely because of the shiny, but don't let that make you ignore most of the entries I host here. It's free, you don't lose anything, and you have the chance of winning a free Pokémon. No harm in that!


Pokémon Ranger
The winners of Sanio's Living Dex Lottery for the day have been selected!

It's nice to see a total of 10 people joined this lottery. That's 7 people who don't get a prize!

The first number chosen was 3, which belongs to Nijo! You get the Magby!
The second number chosen was 1, which belongs to Falkner! You get the Magmar!
The last number chosen was 4, which belongs to BreezeWindchaser! You get the Shiny Magmortar!

My GameJolt profile aint loading and I'm starving. I'll post the next entry and give out the prizes when it decides to load up. GameJolt.com won't even show me the people I've friended. If you're not friends with me on GameJolt and you won, friend me there.
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you can't be really still starving..... you should be dead by now, oh......maybe that's it....