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NOTICE: This is only for Online Mode players!
You also need to be far enough in the game to access the Global Trade Station (Ecruteak City)!
This is only for the actual Pokémon 3D game. No others.

Hello to all of you lovely people! Enjoying the 0.55 update? I sure am...not. Apparently having a Living Pokédex lead to problems with being able to save my game. Yes, I was able to fix it through simply releasing an entire box of unneeded, extra Pokemon. However, what better way to prevent this issue from ever happening again by giving away nearly my entire PC!

Here's how this works:
  • Every day at 9:00 A.M. MST (and if not, the latest I can put up the lottery) I'll pick a random Pokémon from my entire Living Pokédex collection and put it up for the lottery. If an evolution line is on the entry, each Pokémon from that line will be assigned a number.
  • In order to enter, simply post under the thread once, and I'll reply to notify you that you've been entered in the lottery. You'll be assigned a number. If you make a post after 9:00 A.M MST, you will not be entered into the lottery if yesterday's entry hasn't resolved by then.
  • For now, the lottery is semi-daily. I'll use to pick a random Pokémon number and put their entire evolution line up for the lottery.
  • Anyone can enter the current lottery entry at any time by simply posting/commenting/replying under the current lottery entry. You may only do so once per entry. I'll reply to you indicating you've been entered.
  • You can expect me to announce the winners and put up the next entry within 24 hours or 48 hours of the previous entry. When I'm ready, I'll select a winner using
  • All of you will be entered to win one Pokemon out of the evolution line. If someone wins one Pokémon of that that evolution line, they cannot win another until the next daily lottery entry, which means if someone were to win a Bulbasaur, they would not be entered for the random winner of Ivysaur or Venusaur.
  • After the winner(s) has/have been decided, they are to friend me through GameJolt in order to become in-game friends with me (if not done so already).
  • Once that's all done, they are to pick up their winning Pokémon in the Global Trade Station's Inbox through their Pokégear.
NOTICE: Limited/exclusive Pokémon, such as Legendaries, Mythicals, and or Pokémon that just can't be bred (and of course unobtainable Pokémon) will not be included in this lottery. Shinies will likely not be in this lottery, as I'm not a developer who's been playing this game the past 5+ years collecting them. However, don't let that stop you from entering! Remember you can not only obtain unique OTs, but also Pokémon that are very difficult to obtain (Safari Zone/Trading-Only Poké's). You may also get a Pokémon that just happens to have some sweet IVs and nature, who knows?

1. ELKRAZYJOKER, Falkner, Zottelchen
2. vJayGames, Zottlechen, Fanta
3. DeathbyaDingabat, Falkner, Zottlechen
4. Fanta, Breeze Windchaser
5. Zottelchen
6. Zottelchen, DeathbyaDingbat
7. Fanta, Zottelchen
8. Fanta, Zottelchen
9. Fanta, Zottelchen
10. Megamaster, Kytako
11. Zottelchen, Fanta
12. Zottelchen, Megamaster
13. Zottelchen, DeathbyaDingbat
14. Falkner, DeathbyaDingbat, Zottelchen
15. Falkner, Zottelchen
16. Fanta, Zottelchen, Falkner
17. Aephu, DeathbyaDingbat, Falkner
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Introducing the first three Pokémon of the National Dex...
Now obtainable as part of the story line as of the latest 0.55 update...
Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur!

1 Bulbasaur.png 2 Ivysaur.png 3 Venusaur.png

Simply post below to enter! 3 winners, 3 Pokémon!

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Gengar is the best omega type
Hello fellow Pokémon 3D player, I have dedcided with my own free will that I shall attend this lottery in order to hinder the randomized chances of the other fellow Pokémon 3D players winning a beloved prize!
More people! One of you I didn't even ask to be here! Good stuff!

You three have been entered into the lottery. Stay tuned till tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. MST Time for the winners!
The winner of Sanio's Living Dex Lottery for the day has been selected!

A total of 6 players entered this lottery, which is honestly more than I expected. Thanks to you all! With that in mind, half of you will win and half of you won't. Let's see the results...

The first number chosen was 4, which belongs to ELKRAZYJOKER! You get the Bulbasaur!
The second number chosen was 5, which belongs to Zottelchen! You get the Ivysaur!
The last number chosen was 2, which belongs to Falkner! You get the Venusaur!

Winners, please friend me through GameJolt so that you may receive your prize through GTS.
Optionally, you can trade me in-game.

Thank you to everyone who participated! This is only the beginning, so don't fret just yet. Let's see the next entry...
Introducing the most favorable Kanto starter Pokémon and its evolutions...
Everyone's favorite Pokémon card, as proved by BeastMaster64...
Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard!

4 Charmander.png 5 Charmeleon.png 6 Charizard.png

Simply post below to enter! 3 Pokémon, 3 winners!
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