Where were YOU when 0.55 dropped?


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The question is simple.

I was sitting at home, on my couch. Having my usual morning coffee when I saw the announcement.
The amazement struck me in an instant, glancing over the message that it wouldn't be "soon..." anymore... It was happening now!
The flash of astonishment caused me to react by throwing my coffee in all possible directions, including on one very unlucky bird.
Half an hour later, including the use of a tremendous amount of water, a deafening feeling of guilt combined with excitement and numerous scratches and pecks; I was left with a running download and one clean and angry parrot.
Where will this chapter of our journey take us? I will know soon enough.
Thank you to everyone that made 0.55 a reality; to the ones that spend hours of their time on the creation of a dream; and to the ones that stuck with us creating the integral part of this community, a family.

I hope to see you, soon...