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Game Pokémon 3D Version Indev 0.55


P3D Developer
Download here!

OpenAL is required, download it here!

Hello, trainers!

It’s been a year and a half since 0.54.2 and over 2 years since 0.54 itself but we’re back!
While we wish we could have gotten this ready for you sooner we are happy to present 0.55!
There are some massive changes to the menus and the completion of the main story line with the totally-secret-no-one-knows-who battle on Mt. Silver (I think his name is Der?).

Massive menu re-work: both in-game and pre-load
A brand-new, animated ‘New Game’ sequence (offline saves for now)
Animated Floor Tiles
Animated Overworld Items and Entities
Adjustments to Trainer AI during battle
Implemented several new Emblems
Implemented most Mega Evolutions and their Abilities
Implemented Gen 7 changes to Moves and Abilities
Implemented some missing Old-gen Moves
Touch-ups to various sprites and textures across the entire game
Soooooooo many bug fixes!!!
Temporary removal of Content Pack functionality due to incompatibility with menu rework

Story Content:
Mega Bracelet available
32 Mega Stones to collect
Watch out for the sparkling spots along your way
Kanto Starter from Prof. Oak
Updated Kolben Tower: 2 New Floors (Assistant Offices & Basement) and made changes to old rooms
New berries to collect in Berry Forest
Fortune Island can be explored fully, except for the Dotted Hole
Quest Island can be explored fully, except for the Trainer Tower
A new 3-step Special Event linked to the mysterious Ruins of Alph Event (You might want to check it again, even if you’ve completed it before)
A new Secret Sea Map to be found
Mt. Silver can be fully explored
9 New Emblems
3 new Legendary Pokémon
3 new Evolutionary families exclusive to Fortune Island
Kanto Starters
4 new TMs
We (finally) bought a Nintendo Switch or two
Event with 2 Special Pichus
New strong trainers to battle
RIP Kratos
Updates to several World Maps
Decrease in the population of “Soon…” bots

A more detailed version of the changelog can be found here (beware spoilers!)

Also as a reminder OpenAL is a game requirement you can find it at:

Hope you guys enjoy this update!


//The Pokémon3D Team

P.S: Though the main storyline might be done, we have even more stuff coming for future versions. Version 0.56 is already in development and you should be getting it rather soon!
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