Crash [Indev 0.54.2] Crashes after Splash


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I installed the game restarted my PC I have everything required to play it and it still won't work.

What I expected to happen:
Main menu to appear.

What actually happened:
Crashes after splashscreen.
Sometimes it gives a short sound (like the first sound the main menu makes).

Things I tried and other information:
OpenAL is installed and moved into folder of game.
.NET was already on the latest version.

XNA is installed aswell.
nVidia is on the latest drivers.
No antivirus except Windows Defender.
16GB RAM with ~60% free.


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Well different ways actually.
First just from the zip (which actually worked on my worklaptop), then extracted into the gamefolder.
None of those attempts worked, even tho I always got a "OpenAL was installed successfully."


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can you try disconnecting your controller?

also, you should join our discord server to get a faster response if you haven't already.