How to make textures for cities and routes in .png format?


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I checked various png files from NostagicG4MER's Retexture Pack.
The texture packs changes the textures of the towns, routes, gyms, caves, and dungeons respectively. The retextures includes retextures of background trees, berry plants and apricorn trees, pokemon encounter grass, flower, the floor tiles, and many more; like doors and windows.
I checked the png files in the textures folder. The files like routes.png, and center.png(pokemon center had many different content/images of the place to be retextured.
Could you please explain it to me...

Any help is appreciated.


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If you are planning to use a 0.54.0 or later version of the game then bare in mind that online functionalities of the game will be disabled if you edit the game's files, However if you are planning on creating a content pack for 0.53.3 and earlier version of the game, then I suggest you read this: