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Game The next chapter in Pokémon 3D!


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The time has almost come for the next chapter in Pokémon 3D!

In 0.55, the story of Kanto and Johto will finally come to a conclusion. You will be able to face Red, to become the undisputed champion of the region once and for all!

Also in this update, some new legendaries will become obtainable, and with that you will be able to complete the Regional Pokédex and take a new step towards catching 'em all with the National Dex!

Now, you might ask: "What are you waiting for? RELEASE IT ALREADY!!!"
Well... we are done with the developing part and now we have reached the final stage of the development process: "Quality Assurance (QA)"

To make sure the next update run as smoothly as possible, we need to catch all the bugs and start filling the BugDex.
If you want to join the bug catching contest, Join our discord @
http://www.discord.me/p3d to find out how to join.